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Bottle Drives

Bottle Drives

Bottle drives are a great way to quickly and efficiently raise money for your organization, group or team. Essentially a bottle drive is an event where your organization goes into the community to collect returnable bottles that can be redeemed for cash. Cochrane Bottle Depot provides Bottle Drives for Calgary and surrounding area.

Cochrane Bottle Depot has years of experience in handling Bottle Drives, we host several bottle drives each year that exceed $3000 in value. We will plan for and support each bottle drive on a customized basis.

Cochrane Bottle Depot works with and is trusted by numerous community and youth organizations to provide successful and profitable bottle drives. We will assist you in the steps needed to get your bottle drive off to the right start. We will also supply your organization with “Advance Notice” door hangers free of charge.

The Cochrane Bottle Depot has three styles of Bottle Drives:
  1. Standard bottle drive – Your organization collects the bottles and helps with the sorting and counting. We will also provide staff to help in the sorting and counting of bottles. We have a great portable sorting system that is designed to be used off site and is extremely easy to use. We can either pick up the sorted bottles at your location or you can sort and count them inside our depot.
  2. Advanced Bottle Drive – Cochrane Bottle Depot will provide your organization with a free storage trailer for the bottle drive. Your organization collects the bottles and we pick them up when you are finished. We will sort and count the bottles and provide your organization with a full refund on all bottles.
  3. Virtual Bottle Drive – Your organization may set up a bottle account with the Cochrane bottle depot. A Bottle Account allows individuals to donate their redemption funds directly to your organization. We sort and count the donation and credit the proceeds to your bottle account.

A well-coordinated bottle drive can be a great fundraising success for your organization. It helps us to accommodate bottle drives if you book ahead. If you would like to schedule your bottle drive with the Cochrane Bottle Depot please contact us.